You Still Don’t Have

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  • you really REALLY don’t want to be tinkering around with it yourself — been there, done that and it BROKE!
  • you would much rather be shining your light than learning yet another computer skill
  • your artistic skills are limited – maybe some stick figures and hearts – but that is IT!
  • you think you can’t pay for the cost – so you have put it off indefinitely
  • you are worried you can’t create the website you love
  • the last designer you tried to work with seemed to speak another tongue — or your ideas kept falling on deaf ears.
  • you need someone who knows their stuff, has an eye for detail AND the patience to listen & use your ideas - you have been burned before
  • you have just TOO. Many. Doubts — and fears, let’s not forget fears…

..let’s face it, even if you said YES to any of these points — you are here because you know you need to get your stuff up to snuff and get online!

Stop losing sleep NOW over…

  • all the lives you didn’t impact last year
  • all the time you wasted up to now thinking about it
  • all the identical emails, phone calls and texts you had to handle because you didn’t have it all in ONE place
  • all the $$$ you left on the table by not being online
  • all the happiness and joy you denied yourself
  • all the family gatherings you missed because you were working on your business the old fashioned way
  • how much you dread it will cost (I offer up to 3 EZ payment plans just for you!)

..together we can make it happen and rocket launch your business into a new era!

You should work with me…

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  1. I will go WAY above & beyond your expectations — design-wise, technology-wise & customer service-wise
  2. I have an eye for detail, keep up with the times and absolutely LOVE to listen to your ideas, thoughts and concerns
  3. I have patience with your non-techie self, as you describe (and even draw out with stick figures) what you want
  4. I will help you make your website exactly the way you want it
  5. I promise to never beat around the bush about what your best options are
  6. I want to see you skyrocket your business with a beautiful website & passionate killer content (a.k.a. regular, consistent, conversational blogging – you plan to do that, right?)
  7. I will honor you and your dreams every step of the way

I’ve been building websites for a decade and in that time I have served many customers who at first thought they could just “NOT do that”. I am on a warrior path to rocket launch millions of small business owners onto the interwebs — and help them SHINE their light online!

Launch your website with real support, freedom and expertise — ask for a free quote and let’s set you off on your journey — smooth sailing guaranteed.

It’s not your job to learn how to design and create your website from the ground up.

You don’t have to figure out how to turn your ideas into beautiful, elegant & professional online presence — and definitely not craft all of your branding.

Let me handle it for you while you use the time to serve your customers and make more money. Kick it up a notch, revamp or relaunch your website to get more conversions and increase sales – without the sleepless nights and the stress – I am here to help!

Look out life coaches, authors, fitness coaches, mompreneurs and home based business owners of the world – we are ready to get your fabulous website online!  icon smile You Still Dont Have


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“Really add an extra “pop” to my Website!”

Beth did an awesome job on my WordPress header and Facebook cover design. Her designs really add an extra “pop” to my Website and Fan page. Beth was also very friendly and professional and helped me understand the process. This was my first experience using a web designer and it was a very positive experience. I will definitely be using Beth’s services in the future. |
Jamie McCall 


“Excellent customer service from the start!” has provided quality work and excellent customer service from the start. I couldn’t be happier with the header they made for my website, Facebook page, and Twitter! The headers are very professional looking and allows for consistency between all three sites. worked diligently with me to address all my concerns so that the design was just to my liking. I highly recommend rockyourpower! Prompt and friendly service was always provided. |
Christy Jones 


“Went above and beyond the call of duty!”

Beth was an absolute pleasure to work with and went above and beyond the call of duty!! She was extremely patient, extremely giving, friendly, professional, and made my website exactly what I wanted!! I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you Beth and for the awesome work!! |
Catherine Slezinger 

We LOVE Praise Reports – They Speak for Themselves!

Beth and Diego are absolutely the most wonderful web designers I have ever had the privilege of working with. I had a terrible experience with a different web designer prior to finding Beth, and was worried that I was not going to be able to create a website that I absolutely loved. I found Beth a few months later, and after talking with her (she is such a sweetheart!!), I realized she was the right person to partner with on my website journey. Once she showed me the initial mockups of the opt-in header she created, I was FLOORED! I couldn’t even think of anything to respond to her that day because I was so speechless. She went WAY above and beyond my expectations. Not only was the final product perfect, but also she was prompt (and patient with me when I wasn’t so prompt!) I trust her with my website and she will be my go-to gal for any and all website designing going forward. You won’t be disappointed with Beth – she is a blessing!

www.smokeshowfitness.comLaura Brown




10467767 1424189117865407 1939372141 n 150x150 You Still Dont Have A bit about us…

Diego & Beth’s story starts 7 years ago, when they got engaged on Aruba. They painted a picture of what their dream life would be. They mapped out a simple life where they would earn a living being creative, positive and inspiring. Diego was completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics while Beth was working part-time with a team of life coaches, business consultants and trainers, a group of female entrepreneurs who were also Beth’s first mentors. Beth was the spider in the web connecting her clients to emerging technologies and marketing strategies, managing their websites, designing all their graphics, setting up surveys and eventually their social media. Beth proved to expand her skill and knowledge as a self-taught designer and web developer, spending countless of hours reading, testing, training and honing her design and develop skills online.

Diego later joined her, after chapter of job hunting in his field of study. Diego had experience building websites during his internships in college, where he designed a few websites for the non-profits where he did the internships. He also was an avid cartoonist, drawing and illustrating furry cartoon characters on different websites.

Together they bring out the best in terms of being creative. 

In 2009 they ventured into the world of parenthood, now four years later their little family has grown to include 3 happy, energetic and fun kids that are enjoying their work-at-home parents. Serving Aruba since 2006 and the world since 2012, Rock Your Power hones the creative juices of a crafty, singing babywearing mom and an analytical, illustrating, dreamy coder dad!

It is their pleasure to share the inspiration and motivation that has kept them going the last 7 years as they worked toward their goals and dreams. Let them serve you with every bit of creativity and positivity they have so you can rock your power online, in business and life!